Okeanos Preview at the California Academy of Sciences NightLife

California Academy of Sciences NightLife
Thursday, June 9 @ 7:30pm
In the Piazza


Capacitor’s new production, Okeanos, which will be premiered in the Fall, is a deep investigation of our oceans. Inspired by dives in Bali’s coral reefs and work with the scientists who protect them, Capacitor is introducing a new, sensory experience devoted to improving ocean awareness. Don’t miss your chance to see an excerpt from this visual masterpiece performed by Cari Delaplane, Mayuko Hosoai, Jodi Lomask, and Michelle Wong, Elliott Gittelsohn, and Nobu Taka. Introduction by Tierney Thys, lead biologist on the Okeanos project.

NightLife is a weekly event where visitors ages 21 and older can enjoy music, science, entertainment and cocktails, while experiencing the Academy’s world-class exhibits with friends. Each weekly installment features something new and different.