Help Capacitor get to BLUE 2012

Capacitor has been invited to close BLUE - A Global Ocean Film & Conservation Event on September 30th at the Golden State Theatre.

We all know that water is the key element that sustains life and most of it is contained in the ocean. At Capacitor, we wanted to figure out how to embody this life force - more than we all do already. That’s why we spent two years learning about and experiencing the ocean and water movement. We learned to dive and surf, snorkeled, and performed in swimming pools. We practiced sinking and falling to feel water's depth and pressure on our bodies. We felt the lightness with which we float on its surface and the way our bodies undulate in the midst of waves. We fell in love with water movement.

We also spent six months in round table discussions with marine biologists and oceanographers at the California Academy of Sciences in our Capacitor Lab process to establish a solid base of information from which to launch our musings. What we created is "Okeanos" - an ocean sensory immersion of dance, cirque nouveau, sculpture, sound, video, dance film, science, voice, and violin. The premiere in April 2012 at Fort Mason Center was a complete success.

We created this show to be used as a tool of conservation. We believe that people protect what they love* and our show helps people love the ocean. This is why when the organizers of BLUE- a global ocean film and conservation event asked us to close their upcoming festival, we were thrilled.

Like so many really great conferences and festivals, their budget is tight and they can't afford our artist fees. This is why decided to ask you for help. Help us take "Okeanos" to the next level by exposing ocean conservation leaders from around the world to this work of love made visible.

We hope you’ll help us keep performing this show. And when we do, we hope you’ll come out and share our love of the ocean.

*Jacque Cousteau