The Edwardian Ball, SF 1/25
Sparked, The Battery, SF 1/27
RSA After Dark - Local Edition, SF 3/6
MusePop - The Great Northern, SF 5/6-9
Allsteel Showroom, SF 5/15
SF Travel Association Luncheon, SF 6/28
180 Stereoscopic Film, CounterPulse, SF 6/29-30
Del Dotto Winery, 7/20
Sunset Sound Camp Out, 7/26
The Man, Burning Man 2019
iPhone 11Pro Media Launch, Donum Estate 9/11
Kirkland & Ellis, Saint Joseph’s Art Society, 10/3
San Francisco Dance Film Festival, 11/10


American Museum of Natural History, NYC, 3/2
The Cowell Theater, SF 3/18
Vernal Equinox, Bentley Reserve, SF 3/20
Left To Her Own Devices, YBCA, Main Theater 5/17-20
Smart Night Out, YBCA, 5/18
Oakland Metro Opera House, 7/26
As The World Falls Down, The Chapel, SF 9/8
Djerassi Forever, SF 9/20
The Armory Club, SF 11/23


The SF Circus Center Cabaret, SF 1/20-21


EcoArts Australis 2/14
When We Were Small, Fort Mason Center 3/31 - 4/10
Dorkbot, Monument, SF 7/13
SF Aerial Arts Festival, Fort Mason Center 8/19-20
SF Dance Film Festival, Brava Theater 10/23
Interior Design Association, Hosfelt Gallery, SF 10/26
NYE, The Battery, SF 12/31


Zendesk 1/26
Market Street Prototyping Festival 4/9-11
The Crucible Soiree 4/18
Fast Forward for Leukemia & Lymphoma Society 5/2
CounterPulse's May Day Fundraiser 5/16
US Conference of Mayors 6/21"
SF Dance Film Festival, Brava Theater 10/11


Gap Headquarters, 2/13
Flash Mob, The Embarcadero 3/2
University of Utah 3/5-7
Inspire Events 3/30
Djerassi Artist Residency 3/11-4/8
The Lab Residency 7/1-8/31
Synaptic Motion, YBCA Forum, SF 9/18-21
SF Dance Film Festival, Brava Theater 11/9
The Battery, SF 12/8


Common Platform Technology Forum, Santa Clara, CA 2/5
RSA Conference, SF City Hall, SF, CA 2/28
Luminaria, Austin, TX 3/9
Lytro Shoot, SF 3/12
Zaccho Dance Theater, SF 3/29
MayDay, CounterPulse, SF 5/3
Taurus Party, Middletown, CA 5/18
Aquarium of the Bay, SF Thursdays& Saturdays 8/10-12/28
Foundation for Excellence, 11/5
Discovery Channel, Through the Wormhole 11/20
Gensler Holiday Party, Mezzanine, SF 12/14
Flash Mob, Golden Gate Park, SF 12/15


TEDxBerkeley, Zellerbach Hall, Berkeley, CA 2/4
Ruby Skye, SF, CA 2/29
Okeanos Premiere, Fort Mason 4/12-15
Full Spectrum, Genentech, Redwood City 4/25
Big Data, Portola Valley, CA 4/26
NightLife, California Academy of Sciences, SF, CA 6/14
TEDxBRC, Black Rock City, NV 8/31
BLUE Ocean Film Festival and Conservation Event, Monterrey, CA 9/28
Sharktober Fest, California Academy of Sciences, SF 10/4
Institute of Neuro Innovation, LA, CA 11/10
Kickstarter Appreciation Party, SF, CA 11/13
Black Hills State University, SD 12/3
Dahl Arts Center, Rapid City, SD 12/4
Fairmont Hotel, SF, CA 12/15
Pepsico Studio Visit, SF, CA 12/17 


California Academy of Sciences 1/2
AWARD Show, ODC Theater, SF 1/14
Supper Club, SF 2/13
Capacitor Playdate, SF 3/10
SFO Terminal 2, SF 4/6
SF City Hall, SF 4/23
Central Park, NY 4/24
Academy of Natural Sciences, PA 4/25
The Pheonix Hotel, SF 5/19
BLUEMiND Summit, CAS, SF 6/2
Nightlife, California Academy of Sciences, SF 6/9
Center Camp, Burning Man 8/30
Trails & Vistas, Tahoe 9/17-18
Trolley Dances, SF 10/14-16
Googleween, Menlo Park 10/28
Aquarium of the Bay, SF 11/2
NueroVella, I.N.I. Foundation LA 12/3
Golden Gate Mothers Group, Axis Cafe, SF 12/5


Moment's Notice, Berkeley, CA 1/18
Ocean Project Vocal Dance Wksp, SF, CA 2/2-4
Day of Dance, El Camino Hospital, CA 2/27
Burnal Equinox, 55 Barneveld, SF, CA 3/6
American Physical Society, Portland, OR 3/17
Oakland Museum of California Art, CA 5/2
Taurus Party, Middletown, CA 5/15
Wild Dancing West, Albuquerqui, NM 6/11-12
Burning Man's 25th Anniversary, SF 6/19
Priceless, False Profit, LLC 7/2-3
Center Camp, Burning Man, NV 8/30
Trails and Vistas, Tahoe, CA 9/11-12
SF Supper Club 10/3
San Jose Museum of Art 10/9
CUNY Graduate Center, NY, NY 10/30
Youth in Arts, Marin Center, Marin, CA 11/2
Golden Gate Room, Fort Mason, SF 11/4
Cal Academy of Sciences 12/19 12/26


TED Conference, Long Beach, CA 2/6
Opulent Massive, Treasure Island, SF 3/6
National Dance Week, Walnut Creek, CA 4/23
NightLife, California Academy of Sciences, SF 5/7
Ecstatic Dance Anniversary, Oakland, CA 5/24
'biome', Leo K Theater, Seattle 5/29-30
Tsunami on the Square, Prescott, AZ 6/20
The Crucible FireFest, Oakland, CA 7/17
'The Perfect Flower', Fort Mason, SF 9/18-19
Shattuck Plaze Hotel, Berkeley, CA 9/25
Dead Man's Bones Concert, Bimbo's, SF 10/27
Black Rock Foundation's Artumnal, SF 11/20
Michael Franti's Baliday Bash, Bali 12/26


APAP, Ailey Citigroup Theater, NYC, 1/13-14
'biome', Cowell Theater, SF 1/25-26
Web 2.0 Celebration, Rearden Group, SF 2/23
Yuri's Night, NASA, Moffet Field, CA 4/12
'biome', Joyce SoHo, NYC, 10/9-12


'biome' World Premiere, San Salvador 11/10
Google Holloween Party, Mt View, CA 10/31
Style Festival, SF 9/29
West Coast Green Conference, SF 9/27
Crucible Fire Fest, Oakland 7/29/07
Rubicon Estate, Napa 7/23/07
Zaccho Dance Theatre, SF 3/29


Monteverde, Costa Rica 10/29
National Theatre, San Salvador 10/18-20
GenArts Fundraiser, Ignite, SF 7/23
American Theatre of Actors, NYC 7/10-30
SF Gay Pride, SF 6/24-25
SF Queer Arts Fest, Jon Sims, SF 6/10-11
Pro Arts Fundraiser, Oakland, CA 6/1
ODC Dance Commons, SF 2/5
The Exploratorium, SF 2/3
SF SupperClub, SF 1/17-23
The Palms, CNET Party, Las Vegas 1/5


Project Artaud Theater, SF 10/10-30
GenArts Fundraiser, Ignite, SF 7/16
Crucible Fire Fest, Oakland, CA 7/15
Colorado College, Colorado Springs, CO 7/9
DAWN, Shavuot event, Club 6, SF 6/18
24 Views, ODC, SF 5/24
Game Dev Confer., SONY Playstation, SF 3/9
Studio Showing, Zaccho Dance Theater, SF 3/8


New Media Dance Festival, SF 12/2-4
Jamiaca Inn, Ocho Rios 10/16
Opening of TOHU, Montreal 8/28
Fringe Festival of Independent Dance Artists, Toronto 8/19-21
Summerfest, Cowell Theater, SF 7/29-30
Crucible Fundraiser, Oakland, CA 7/ 8-9
Oakland Dance Festival, 6/18-26
Shavout 2004, Whisper, SF 5/25
Astronomer's Lounge, 1015 Folsom, SF 5/23Ascension, 1015 Folsom, SF 5/13
Solad Center Marathon, Walnut Creek 5/1
ODC Theater, SF 4/23
Colorado College, Colorado Springs, CO 4/2-3
The Krannert Center, Champagne, IL 2/19-21
314 Project , Chicago, IL 2/17
Davidson College, Davidson, NC 2/14
Dancers' Studio, Wilmington, NC 2/12
Modlin Center, Richmond, VA 2/5-7


SUNY Purchase, Purchase, NY
University of Maine, Bangor, ME
Brown Theater, Louisville, KY
Cowell Theater, Fort Mason, SF 3/7-8
Ascension, 1015 Folsom, SF 2/13
National Dance Week, Walnut Creek 4/26
WorkSpace Fundraiser, SF 5/3


Art and Culture Hollywood, FL 11/22-23
Headlands Center for the Arts, Marin, CA 10/26
DNA Lounge, SF. 10/3-10-17-24
Burning Man, Fire Conclave, NV 8/31
Burning Man, Thunderdome, NV 8/30
DNA Lounge, Om Party, SF 6/30 8/24
Camera Obscura, SF 6/25
Crucible Fire Arts Festival, Berkeley, CA 6/22
The Webby Awards, SF 6/18
Chez Spencer, SF 6/14
Southern Exposure Gallery, SF 5/30
Flux Capacitor Avatars, King St, SF 5/17-18
Ascension, 1015 Folsom, SF 1/31
HERE Arts Center, NY, NY 1/16-27


Shift, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, 12/6
SomArts Gallery, SF. 11/29-30, 12/1
Club Universe, SF. 11/17
Flux Capacitor, Club Townsend, SF. 11/16
Motiv at Club Six, SF 10/26
Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Scotland. 8/4-26
Revolvolution, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 8/2
The Webby Awards, SF Opera House. 7/18
Syntonic, Club 238, SF. 4/14
Club Universe, SF. 3/31
Flux Capacitor, King St Garage, SF. 3/30
ArtAngels, SomArts, SF. 3/28
Launching Discovery, SF Design Center. 2/18
Ascension, 550 Barneveld, SF. 1/25
Headlands Center for the Arts, Marin, CA 10/26
DNA Lounge, SF. 10/3-10-17-24
Burning Man, Fire Conclave, NV 8/31
Burning Man, Thunderdome, NV 8/30
DNA Lounge, Om Party, SF 6/30 8/24
Camera Obscura, SF 6/25
Crucible Fire Arts Festival, Berkeley, CA 6/22
The Webby Awards, SF 6/18
Chez Spencer, SF 6/14
Southern Exposure Gallery, SF 5/30
Flux Capacitor Avatars, King St, SF 5/17-18
Ascension, 1015 Folsom, SF 1/31
HERE Arts Center, NY, NY 1/16-27


Studio 418, Santa Cruz. 11/18-19
Ruby Skye, SF. 10/25
Alice Arts Theater, Oakland. 10/12-21
Marin Civic Showcase Theater. 9/22-24
Ruby Skye, SF. 9/22
Burning Man, Black Rock Desert, NV. 8/28-9/4
From the Horse's Mouth, SF. 7/13-14
Crucible Fire Arts Festival, Berkeley. 7/8
ODC Performance Gallery, SF. 6/23-24
Galapagos, NY. 6/5
The Webby Awards, SF. 5/11
Earth Week 2000, Berkeley. 4/30
Alice Arts Center, Oakland. 4/22
Make*A*Circus, SF.3/16
Club Universe, SF. 3/11
Delivery Room, SF. 2/26
SomArts Gallery, SF. 2/3-5 2/10-12
Crucible Fire Arts Festival, Berkeley. 1/22


Julia Morgan Theater, Berkeley. 10/22-23
Bottom of the Hill, SF. 10/18
Burning Man, Black Rock Desert, NV. 9/1-6
Venue 9, SF. 7/27
Theater Artaud, SF. 7/23
Yerba Buena Gardens, SF. 7/23
Pittsburg Creative Arts, Pittsburg, CA. 5/28
Dance Mission Theater, SF. 4/30 & 5/1
San Francisco Hilton, SF. 4/22
Brady Street Dance Centre, SF. 3/18
ODC/New Performance Gallery, SF. 3/7
Dance Mission, SF. 2/19-20
Brady Street Dance Centre, SF. 1/29-30
Jerry Brown's Inauguration, Oakland. 1/4


Alice Arts Center, Oakland. 12/19
Williamsburg Loft, NY. 11/18
1015 Folsom (Global DJ Awards), SF. 10/18
Sky2Tank, Oakland. 10/2-3
Mothers9, Oakland. 7/31
BackFlip, SF. 6/21
Concourse Exhibition Center (AIDS Dance-a-thon), SF. 5/2, 1998
The Sandcrawler, Oakland. 2/13
Minna Street Gallery, SF. 1/20


Capacitor’s past works have tackled the past and the future of mankind (future species, 1999); the creation of the universe (Within Outer Spaces, 2000); video gaming (Avatars, 2002); the deep layers of Earth (Digging in the Dark, 2005), the forest ecosystem (biome, 2007), flower reproduction (The Perfect Flower, 2009), the ocean (Okeanos, 2012), and creativity in the mind (Synaptic Motion, 2014). The company performs extensively, delivering extended runs in New York's HERE Mainstage and the American Theatre of Actors, San Francisco's Herbst Pavillion, Cowell Theater, Project Artaud Theater, the Exploratorium, the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, Union Square, San Francisco Gay Pride Festival, and SomArts Gallery, and at Burning Man. Capacitor has been commissioned to create original works for the TED 2009 Conference, the California Academy of Sciences, SFO, The Crucible, and the Salvadorian Gymnastics Team.

Touring is an integral part of Capacitor’s effort to bring its innovative approach to art making to as wide an audience as possible. Nationally, Capacitor has been presented at the TED Conference 2009, the Krannert Center at University of Illinois, the Performing Arts Center at SUNY Purchase, Louisville's Brown Theater, the Art and Culture Center of Hollywood, FL, University of Maine, University of Virginia, NASA, the Palms in Las Vegas, 314 Project in Chicago, Albuquerque’s VSA North Fourth Art Center, among others. Internationally, Capacitor has performed in Malaysia for ReVolvolution, Canada for the Festival for International Dance Artists, Edinburgh for the Fringe Festival, and twice in San Salvador as guests of the American Embassy.