Disregarded - a Film by RJ Muna, Concept, Choreography, and Direction by Jodi Lomask, Performed by Carolina Czechowska

When We Were Small Highlights w composer Toni Martin Dobrzanski

Synaptic Motion Highlights (2014)

Neuroplasticity - an excerpt of Synaptic Motion (2014)


a film by RJ Muna Choreography by Jodi Lomask Performed by Michelle Ellis Music Composed by Toni Martin Dobrzanski Editing by Sam T. Chase

FLOCK by RJ Muna


Okeanos Highlights by Arthur Woo

Octopus by Emily Martiny

Sink & Fall from Emily Martiny shot by Joseph Seif

biome dance film from Amy Harrison shot by Daniel Zox


biome reel from CAPACITOR shot by Media Posse

biome w Dr Nadkarni from CAPACITOR

Digging in the Dark Highlights

The Perfect Flower Trio from Rapt Productions

The Perfect Flower Solo shot by Anna Lanoue

Aging from Avatars