Sponsorship Opportunities

If you have a specific passion or resource, you can tell us how you would like to allocate your contributions. Here are some ways you can help.

  • Sponsor a performer. We welcome you to cover the artist fees for a performer for 3 months, a year, or one show.

  • Sponsor a tour. Donate frequent flyer miles. Cover the cost of freight. Helps us pay for local transportation.

  • Donate Storage Space. We are in critical need of 10 cubic feet of storage space for our costumes, objects, and props which we could access once a week.

Please contact Development Director Suzanne Dean if you are interested.

Ongoing Support


Steve Scher
William Jon Shipley

Capacitor Creator Circle


Maya Bourdeau
Carolyn Dille & Dick Walvis
Thomas Parenty
Anthony Kwiecien
Melinda Harris
Nancy Quinn
Teresa Sumiyoshi
Martha Armstrong
Ben Gross
Danny Yadegar



Carolyn Dille & Dick Walvis
Rory Riggs
William Jon Shipley
RJ Muna
David Hannan 
Kimon Tsinteris
David Westen

Underwater Dance Film Kickstarter

Maudie McCormick
Edythe Poyner
Margaret Poyner Galbraith
Pat Bellinghausen
Lynn Portnoff
Sophie & Mike Martuscello
Daniel Pike
Sarah Jane Pell
Melissa Cliver
Dom Apollon
Tiffany Shlain
Basem Moussa
Chan Pike
Tiffany Yee
Jared Makana Nielson
Tom Tripp
Fadi Bishara
Andi Wong
Paul F Zendzian
Shamsher Virk
Kris Homsher
Floris Vermeir


Shell Construction Kickstarter

William Jon Shipley
Rory Riggs
Joan Lomask
David Nakabayashi
Pat Wright
Jesse Lomask
Mort Lomask
Marisa Rajapakse
Carolyn Dille
Fadi Bishara
Michelle Kennedy
Jeffrey Krause
Glenn Weikert
Julia Ogrydziak
Amelia Rudolph

The Perfect Flower

East Coast Tour 

Joan Lomask

Mr and Mrs Smith

Individual Donors

Kelvin Lee 
Brady Kroupa 
Joseph Lomask 
Joan Finch Lomask 
Carolyn Dille/Dick Walvis 
Laura Geer 
William Kaschub 
Marisa and Ravi Rajapakse 
Matthew Hermon Hollis 
Jim Edgell 
Scott Adams 
Nader Vossoughian 
Nancy Gershwin 
Wanda and Bob Moeller 
Elizabeth Creighton 
Lynn Portnoff 
 Cora Portnoff 
Shirley Eng 
Sue and Bobby MacVeety 
Jane Stein 
Kirsten Telemarque 
Katie Diamond 
Eszter Erdelyi/Carey White 
Marcia Kimpton 
Jay Kravitz 
Morton Lomask 
Ulrike Narins 
Tiffany Shlain/Webby Awards 
Kirsten Sims