On-site Collaborative Problem Solving (2-3 hours)

Let us bring our creative process of integrating art, science, and technology to your team. Perfected over 10 years within our own think-tank, the Capacitor Lab, our team will provide a case study and a new perspective.

Utilize our experience in movement, user experience, body motion, spatial organization, media and the body, apparatus and the body, and creative thinking. Or, bring us in for our specific expertise as applied to: urban design, ecosystems/green science,  astrophysics, product design, video game design, geology, and oceanography.

We'll perform a piece from our repertory, present our collaborative case study, and relate it to your project. We can facilitate brainstorming using choreographic methods as well. When requested, we curate guest speaker presentations that are relevant but from varied fields.

Jodi Lomask is commissioned and collaborates with diverse individuals and organizations on special projects, including choreography, design, and production.

Past collaborators include:
Trapeze World
TED Conference
Chicago's 'Same World, Different Planet'
The Salvadorian Olympic Gymnastics Team
Ascend Dance Project
National Geographic's 'Wild Chronicles'
Walt Disney Entertainment
Same Planet, Different World